Syrians, French stage joint sit-in to support Idlib in Lyon

Orient Net 2018-09-25 11:57:00

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A group of Syrian and French activists in France’s Lyon staged a silent sit-in to express their support to Idlib city, and to the demonstrations in Idlib that revived the revolutionary spirit. 

Demonstrators aimed to attract the attention of the French people and the whole world to what is happening in Syria.

We are here to show solidarity with the people in Idlib and the Syrian revolution because Idlib has become home to Syrian revolutionaries from various cities. We want to remind the whole world that the Syrian revolution is still alive, a Syrian activist said.

Many French people support the Syrian revolution and the just demands of the Syrian people. 

I came here to advocate people’s rights support the Syrians who live in miserable conditions, and to appeal for human rights, a French lady told Orient. 

Idlib is the largest part of Syria controlled by opposition with a population swollen by Syrians who were displaced by the Assad regime and its allies’ advances in other parts of the country.