Ghassan Aboud warns against reconciliation with Assad in Idlib

Ghassan Aboud warns against reconciliation with Assad in Idlib
Orient TV has interviewed Syrian Businessman, Ghassan Aboud, the owner of Ghassan Aboud Group, in which he discussed the latest developments, Idlib and the whole north of Syria.

Aboud said Syrians in Aleppo and Hama know very well the Assad regime; files of the Muslim Brotherhood members are still open for investigation despite the passage of years, excluding the possibility of reconciliation between the Assad regime and his fellow Syrians in the north.

Aboud praised the position of Idlib’s Syrians, pointing out that in their demonstrations, they proved to the whole world that they are original Syrians, and Idlib is not a nest for al-Qaeda members as some claim. People of Idlib reject extremism in all its forms, Aboud added.

Aboud called on Syrians in Idlib to establish local councils, far from al-Nusra and its sisters. He also called to establish an intelligence apparatus and a security force for the security of civilians.

The demonstrations which took place in the last weeks were a step in the direct direction, when Syrians took to the streets, they proved with solid evidence that they reject the presence of Assad regime and al-Nusra Front, according to Aboud.

Abboud said that the international intelligence services are present in Idlib. They all know that the people there have no intention of surrender. The international community knows that Idlib’s Syrians will fight till the end.

Aboud said if an offensive is launched on Syria’s Idlib, it will embarrass the Arab states, Turkey and Europe, causing a wave of refugees.

Russia makes false promises, and the biggest example of that was the handover of Aleppo to Iran, which established  control of it, in addition to its inability to protect the Druze sect, whose children and women were kidnapped by ISIS, Aboud said.

Russia is not a political player. It is a force of occupation in Syria. Turkey is paying the price for Idlib positions, while the US fears al-Nusra Front as its numbers are increasing, Aboud explained.   

Asked whether he was expecting a military action in Idlib, Abboud said if Syrians in Idlib categorically reject the reconciliation with the regime, a military action is still delayed until a comprehensive solution-in Syria is found.

It is worth reminding that Aboud addressed the Syrian people in May 2018, when he issued a statement to the Horan Plain before the regime took control of the southern Syrian area.

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