Pope calls for all parties to safeguard Syrian civilians in Idlib

Orient Net 2018-09-02 11:34:00

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Pope Francis appealed on Sunday (September 2) to the international community and actors involved in to avoid the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.

Speaking to crowds gathered in front of St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Frances expressed his pain over the war in Syria.   

"This is painful. War winds are still blowing and unsettling news are reported about the risks of a possible humanitarian catastrophe in the beloved Syria, in Idlib (province). I renew my heartfelt appeal to the international community and to all the actors involved to make use of the instruments of diplomacy, dialogue and negotiations, in compliance with international humanitarian law and to safeguard the lives of civilians."

Idlib is the biggest part of Syria held by opposition fighters, with a population swollen by Syrians who were forcibly displaced by the Assad regime and its allies’ advances in other parts of the country.