Attack on Syrian in German city of Wismar seen as hate crime

Orient Net 2018-08-30 08:05:00

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Police say a 20-year-old Syrian man was attacked in the northern city of Wismar by three German-speaking men shouting anti-migrant slurs and had to be hospitalized for his injuries, AP reported.

Rostock police said Thursday (August 30) the incident late Wednesday was being investigated as a hate crime.

It comes amid heightened tensions after a Syrian man and an Iraqi were implicated in the killing of a German in Chemnitz on Sunday.

The Syrian in Wismar was on his way home alone when he was attacked. Two of the suspects punched him in the face and the third hit him with a chain on the shoulder and ribs area, knocking him to the ground before they fled.

He was released after treatment for a fractured nose and bruises to his face and upper body.