Assad militias deployed in Turkmen Mountain

Assad militias deployed in Turkmen Mountain
Assad and Iranian militias have continued to deploy miltias in northern areas of Latakia province with the aim of attacking Turkmen Mountain.

The Observatory "020" told Orient Net that Assad militias are strengthening their military positions in Lattakia countryside, specifically in Kurds Mountain.

“Assad and Iranian militias spread in several areas in Latakia countryside including Salma, Rabia, Ghazala, and Slinfah,” Abu Sobhi, the spokesman of  the observatory added.

"The militias in Rabia in Turkmen Mountain launch shelling campaigns on Lattakia countryside and the west of Jisr Al-Shughur,” he added. 

The leader of the Coastal Division Jarrah Hamdo told Orient Net that they increased readiness and reinforced their positions in anticipation of any possible attack.

In 2015, Assad militias with Russian support captured more than 85% of the Turkmen Mountain and forced some 20,000 civilian to seek refuge in Turkey.

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