ISIS seizes 13 towns in Hama countryside

ISIS seizes 13 towns in Hama countryside
ISIS has seized thirteen villages from rebel-factions in eastern Hama countryside, taking advantage of the assault on the area led by Assad regime and its supporting Iranian militias, with Russian air cover.

Orient News correspondent confirmed that ISIS gained control of Qasr Ibn Wardan, Al-Ablah, Jubb al-Safa, Eb Al-Qana, Rasm Al-Tina, Tal Halawah, Tlel Al-humr, Maddahi, Jubb Al-Ruman, Al-Othman, Rasm al-Enez, Mesaada, and Al-Tarfawi villages following fierce battles with Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).

HTS fighters withdrew from the area in response to the dual attack by Assad regime, supported by Iranian militias, and ISIS, our correspondent clarified, adding that rebel-factions may also withdraw from other battlefronts such as Al-Rahjan and Al-Shakusiya.

Rebel-factions’ withdrawal came under the intensified aerial assault on Idlib and Hama to avoid falling under siege imposed by Assad regime in an enclave in east Abo Al-Dohur airbase.

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