Agreement between rebel-factions and Assad regime in West Damascus

Agreement between rebel-factions and Assad regime in West Damascus

Media outlets reported yesterday that rebel-factions in the Al-Harmon villages in west Damascus countryside are preparing to leave their areas after reaching an agreement with Assad regime.

The "Syrian Reporter" network reported an anonymous source, the initial agreement says rebel factions must turn in heavy weaponry to regime militias, and get out with their individual weapons in two convoys, which are to set off from Mughr Al-Mir and Bait Jinn villages, one heading north and the other to the south.

The first convoy is supposed to move Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) fighters to Idlib, while the other convoy carrying other FSA fighters will head to Daraa, according to the same source, confirming that civilians who have no wish to stay in their villages can leave, while status of other civilians staying in the area will be ’regularized’ by Assad regime.

The agreement was partially implemented with HTS withdrawal from the Mughr Al-Mir, and Tal Marwan villages, for Assad militias, while rebel-factions still in control of Bait Jinn village and farms.

The factions decided to end the battles that lasted 120 days, (during which Assad militias gained control of Tillal Bardaia, Al-Zahr Al-Aswad and the strategic Maqtool hill) because of their futility, even though they have enough resource to go on for months, according to the unnamed source.

Noteworthy that Israeli newspapers have discussed the raging battles near Golan border and confirmed the importance of Assad regime existence there for increased stability in Israel, confirming that the tight siege imposed by Assad forces on this area was part of an agreement between Assad and Netanyahu indirectly held by Putin.

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