Regime and Hezbollah suffer losses in West Ghouta

Regime and Hezbollah suffer losses in West Ghouta

Several members of regime forces and militias were killed in an attack they launched, supported by Hezbollah and Iranian militias, against the rebel-held areas in West Ghouta in Rural Damascus.

Orient News’ correspondent confirmed that the Jabal Al-Sheikh Forces Union (SJFU) thwarted a recent regime’s attack against the Meghr Al-Mir town, with Durzi majority, liberated by rebels on 2014, and caused 20 deaths among attacking forces, in addition to damaging two tanks.

The attack came after Iranian militias and regime forces gained control of Tilal Hakima area and many other nearby strategic locations, including Tal Bardaaia, Tal Al-Shiyarat, Tal Al-Maqtoul, Al-Zahr Al-Aswad and Sahl Hesneh, blocking the route of rebels toward the Bait Saber and Bait Taima towns.  

Regime’s attacks followed the "scorched earth" tactic, where any attack is started with heavy shelling, more than 40 Fil missiles and various other missiles, according to our correspondent. 

Attacking forces involved many militias, such as the "National Defense" Militia, the "Haramoun Regiment", the "4th Armored Division", the "7th Armored Division", and other local militia. 

Our military sources said that regime’s attacks against the area is part of the Iranian-Hezbollah’s strategy to gain control of the strategic Bait Jinn area, that links the Syrian-Lebanese border with the frontier of occupied Palestinian territories. 

They added, Hezbollah militia spreads in nearby areas such as Hadar and Darbal towns.

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