Assad forces enter Idlib de-escalation zone as Russian air strike kills civilians

Orient Net 2017-12-19 08:42:00

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A child was killed, and four civilians were injured from Russian bombardment against Idlib south countryside, while regime forces took control of Al-Rowaida village in south-eastern Idlib countryside.

Orient News" correspondent in Idlib said that 3 Russian airstrikes targeted the civilian residential areas in Al-Teh town causing injuries among civilians.

Russian airstrikes had caused a massacre of 6 women and 4 children in Khan Shaikhon city on Sunday, and victims were burned with the internationally-banned napalm used by Russians, as they used cluster bombs, according to our correspondent. 

Russian escalation in the de-escalation Idlib zone comes days after Russia’s Putin announced defeating the terrorists and sending troops home, and turn to stabilization and reconstruction in Syria, according to Sputnik website.

On Monday, regime forces gained control of the Al-Rowaida village in south-eastern Idlib countryside after battles against Hayat Tahrir Al-sham, and they advanced to the Al-Zahraa village and Khnezir Hill on Saturday after confrontations with rebel factions there.