Devastated displaced Syrians live awful circumstance in Qunaitera: Photos

Orient Net 2017-12-15 12:15:00

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Abo Firas, manager of Al-Rahma IDPs camp in Qunaitera province, appealed the international organizations active in Human Rights field to move quickly and provide the basic needs of the camp as winter started.


"The camp lacks the basic life needs and services", Abo Firas told Orient. "There are no nearby medical centers, and no humanitarian organizations are providing any kind of aid."

He noted that IDPs in the camp need tents, clothes and heating fuels, with shortage of drinking water, too.

Al-Rahma camp is located along the border of occupied Jolan, adjacent to Saida city, and includes 125 families (almost 550 people), who inhabit only 100 tents, according to Orient News’ correspondent.