ISIS advances in Bokmal hours after Putin’s visit

Orient Net 2017-12-13 13:39:00

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ISIS gained control of several areas in the Bokmal countryside after battles against Assad militia and its supporting foreign militias, despite the Russian and Iranian claims of eradicating ISIS from Deir Ezzor province.


Local sources confirmed that ISIS launched several attacks on Tuesday against locations of Assad forces and militias in Al-Saiyal, Al-Salhiyah, Al-Jalaa, and Al-Hasrat areas, and killed 15 members of the Iranian Al-Quds Regiment militia and several other regime forces’ members, to regain control of the Al-Twatiha and al-Salihiya towns, the Al-Katef neighborhood in north western Bokmal city, and the Al-Kamsha village South Al-Miadeen city, blocking the Deir Ezzor-Bokmal road.


ISIS and regime have been in hit-and-run battles on the outskirts of the Bokmal city for two months, according to military analysts who said ISIS has recently depended the sudden attacks launched from ISIS-held areas in Mezilah and Badiyat Hamdan, although ISIS usually had direct confrontations with regime forces, due to the intensified Russian airstrikes.'>

Analysts said ISIS is likely to continue the hit-and-run strategy to gain control of other villages, making use of the character of territory and previously dug tunnels.


Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered big part of its troops to withdraw from Syria after they finished their mission in "eliminating terrorism", as he claimed.