Assad regime violates the ceasefire in Daraa

Assad regime violates the ceasefire in Daraa
Assad regime militia was the first to violate the ceasefire in Daraa after intensifying shelling against the inhabited neighborhoods in Daraa Al-Balad using artillery missiles, mortar rounds, and the highly destructive "Fil" rockets, pushing rebel factions to respond to those violations by targeting points of fire, according to Orient News’ correspondent in Daraa, Basel Abo Yosuf.

Head of rebel’s Daraa operation media office, Abo Shaimaa Aba Zaid told our correspondent that rebel factions will respond to the first regime’s violation of the ceasefire agreement, held in June.

Abo Shaimaa clarified that military action in Daraa was limited to defending the battlefronts against regime; however, rebel factions responded yesterday, Monday, to regime militias’ shelling by targeting their locations in Al-Malaab Al Baladi and the artillery battalion. 

He added that regime militias have been bringing military reinforcements to both Sijna neighborhood and Qassad checkpoint, including foreign fighters, according to information coming from regime-held areas.

An informed military source told Orient Net that regime militias are willing to advance towards the border with Jordan.

In parallel, activists mentioned that regime is possibly implementing a military operation in South Syria on two axes; the first is towards the military route to separate eastern Daraa countryside from western Daraa countryside, and the second is towards the so-called "triangle of death" area in the north-western countryside.

In addition, news revealed that the "Khaled Army", that declared alliance to ISIS, is willing to advance towards the Al-Shaikh Saad area and Al-Rubaii Checkpoint to become in line of contact with Assad militias. 

Rebel factions in the south are taking regime military preparations seriously and are ready to thwart any assault, despite the lack of military back up by MOC operation room, especially after US declared stop of support in the beginning of 2018. 

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