Rebels in hit-and-run in Hama countryside, ISIS backs Assad forces

Rebels in hit-and-run in Hama countryside, ISIS backs Assad forces
Rebel factions regained control of a village in Hama countryside on Monday, thwarting advancement attempts by Assad forces and their supporting Iranian militias.

Orient News correspondent reported that rebels retook the Al-Msherifa village in northern Hama countryside, after expelling regime forces and militias; while Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) repelled an attack on another battle front in the area, destroying a tank with a T72 anti-tank missile. 

Our correspondent confirmed that rebel factions also thwarted another attack by regime militias on the battlefront of the Shakusiyah village and killed 8 of the latter, while clashes continued in the area.

In parallel, regime militias, supported by Iranian militia and clans’ thugs and backed up by Russain aircrafts, gained control of the Om Trekah, Rajm Al-Ahmar, Al-Zafiriyah, Tallat Bolus, and Tall Shteb villages after they had taken the Al-blel and Om Khzem villages.

ISIS, in turn, launched many attacks in the area, trying to advance towards the Al-Tlehan Hill, to be thwarted by HTS fighters who killed 7 ISIS members and destroyed an ISIS’ BMP vehicle with an RPG missile.

Simultaneously, Ahrar Al-Sham killed 5 regime forces’ members, including an officer, during clashes on a checkpoint in Al-Zara battlefront.

It is noteworthy that rebel factions killed more than 30 ISIS members yesterday during battles in eastern Hama countryside, where ISIS is implementing attacks, simultaneous with those implemented by regime forces and Iranian militias, and took control of the Mwaileh, Ibn Hdeb, Abo Haiya, and Rasm Al-Hamam villages during the last couple of days.

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