Regime’s incursion commander killed in Hama

Regime’s incursion commander killed in Hama
Assad regime’s commander of incursion battalion was killed along with other regime forces’ members, in an attempt to advance in northern Hama countryside.

Military sources from rebel factions confirmed that almost 20 regime forces’ members were killed, including the colonel Abbas Mustafa Saleh, who led the incursion battalion in regiment 131 of the 18th company.

Regime forces launched an attack on Tuesday, starting with intensified shelling with heavy weapons, followed by clashes accompanied by Russian airstrikes that targeted the battlefronts and the Al-Rahjan, Al-Shakusiyah, Al-blel, Abo Dali and Biod villages, according to Orient News’ correspondent, who said clashes last for more than 5 hours and ended after regime forces withdrew. 

The rebels’ commander, in northern Hama countryside operation room, in turn confirmed to Ibaa news agency, affiliated with HTS, that rebels thwarted regime forces on the Blel and Rabda battlefronts north of Hama, confirming the death of 20 regime forces’ members including an officer, in addition to destruction of military vehicle with a heavy machinegun.

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