ISIS and Assad Militias coordinate battles in Hama countryside

Orient Net 2017-11-29 10:51:00

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Assad regime offensive continued in eastern Hama countryside, while Tahrir Al-Sham and other FSA factions were fighting to repel a dual attack by regime militias and their supporting Shiite militias on the one hand and ISIS on the other hand.

ISIS took control of the Zgheber and Abo Ajwa villages, while Tahrir Al-Sham regained control of the Tlehan village following fierce clashes, and today, they retook the Abo Ajwa and Shihat Al-Hamra villages, causing 20 deaths among ISIS members. 

Simultaneously regime militias took control of several villages including Rabiaa, Tallat Al-Mehser, Arafah, Rabdah, Qasr Shawi, and Qasr Ali. 

Tahrir Al-sham, in coordination with Turkistan Islamic Party, thwarted, a new attack by regime militias and their supporting Shiite militias against the Al-Mestriha village, destroying a tank and seizing another, and causing 12 deaths among regime militias.

The Elite Army and Tahrir Al-sham targeted with artillery the positions of regime’s militias in Sarha village and killed four, knowing that revolutionary factions have regained control of the Tallat Al-Balil and the Shkhaiter village in Hama countryside.

Head of Izzah Army media office, Obada Al-Hamwi, confirmed that four tanks and a 57-mm gun of regime were destroyed on all the Syriatel, Al-Zafiriyah and Al-Blel battlefronts in eastern Hama countryside, using guided missiles and antitank missiles.

In total, the death toll of regime militias members increased to 50 including officers and foreign fighters, according to Orient correspondent, while lieutenant Hasan Abo al-Baraa from Nasr Army told Orient that the army destroyed a military bulldozer and a machine gun of regime forces, confirming also the increasing number of ISIS members in the area without any obvious reasons.

Orient correspondent confirmed as well that ISIS launched a sudden attack against revolutionaries’ areas in Al-Saan district and took control of the Um Sahrij, Maasaran, Abo Ksoor and Tlehan villages, as ISIS also regained control of the Abo Hrej, Abiyan, Abo Mro, Abo Khanadeq, Al-Samiriyah, Al-Jdaidah, Al-Wasitah, Al-Madabe, Abo Ksoor, Al-Shalo, Tlehan, Maasaran, Al-Zajafi, Twal Dabbaghin, and other villages.

On the humanitarian level, more than 70 civilians have fled towns and cities of eastern Hama countryside towards eastern Idlib countryside, northern Syria, and Sahl Al-Ghab in western Hama countryside, as a result of the ongoing airstrikes against their areas, where 85 families arrived to Sahl Al-Ghab who either stayed outdoor or in stables, according to the activist, Bakkar Hmedi. 

In detail, airstrikes targeted the Allatamina city in northern Hama countryside, accompanied with artillery shells from regime checkpoints in Halfaya city, while regime checkpoints in Sarha village similarly targeted the Al-Rahjan and al-Qadamisah villages.

Russian aircrafts, in turn, targeted several villages and towns in Hama countryside with more than 150 airstrikes.