Ghouta: Assad attacks kill 29 civilians in 24 hours

Ahmad al-Shehabi 2017-11-18 18:37:00

The Assad regime’s airstrikes and artillery shells killed 29 after targeting most towns and cities in Damascus eastern countryside in the last 24 hours, according to Orient News’ Hadi al-Munajed.

Civil Defence’s workers published today on their YouTube channel footage to show how bodies were recovered from under the rubble in Damascus eastern countryside’s Madiyara town.

Three White Helmets’ workers were killed on Friday by the Assad airstrikes on the city of Douma.  

On the front of Harasta, Assad terrorists used a bomb which contained poisonous gases. The gases made opposition fighters suffer lung problems.

Harasta and most towns and cities in Damascus eastern countryside have witnessed Assad escalation where tens of civilians are killed on a daily basis and babies are denied basic food supplies.   

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