Assad warplanes resume airstrikes, 6 civilians killed in Douma

Orient Net 2017-11-02 22:22:00

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At least 6 civilians were killed on Thursday (November 2) after Assad regime’s warplanes resumed airstrikes on the city of Douma in the besieged Damascus eastern countryside.

Orient News’s Mohammad Abdulrahman, reporting from Douma, said, Assad terrorists attacked a popular marketplace with two high explosive missiles in the heart of Douma.

"Six civilians were immediately killed and many others were seriously injured, most of them were reported to have had serious injuries," he said. 

The rescue teams rushed to the scene to save the injured, including an elderly man from under the rubble, but the man had scummed to his wounds before their arrival.  

Children in Douma are suffering from dire conditions and malnutrition as Assad terrorists are imposing a deadly siege.

On Tuesday (October 31), at the end of Astana talks, opposition delegation held a brief press conference in which Captain Yasser Abdulrahim raised photos of children killed by Assad shells in Ghouta’s Jisreen on the same day.

"We want peace, but first stop Assad regime from killing our children," he said.  

Douma was included in the de-escalation zone deal which was reached by the three guarantor states (Turkey, Russia, Iran) last September.