UN aid convoy enters Eastern Ghouta via al-Wafideen checkpoint

Orient Net - Ahmad al-Shehabi 2017-10-30 17:29:00

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A UN aid convoy arrived in the Eastern Ghouta’s towns On Monday (Oct. 30) through the al-Wafideen checkpoint.

Orient News’s Hadi al-Munajed, reporting from the Eastern Ghouta, said, the UN aid convoy crossed the al-Wafideen checkpoint and the supplies were distributed to the besieged people.

"This aid convoy is a joke by the Assad regime. These amounts are not enough for people who have been besieged for more than four years," says Ahmed Abu Samer, a local from Hamoriyya in the Eastern Ghouta.

Distribution of the aid supplies will be coordinated with the Red Crescent and the Local Health Directorate in Hamoriyya, Ein Tirma, Saqba, Jisreen, Alftris, Beit Sawa, Haza, Ash’ari, Muhammadiyah, Kafrbatna, Douma and Marj.

The convoy trucks will continue its entry tomorrow to reach the total quantity of 2000 tons divided into 1000 of food and 1000 of flour.

This aid convoy came after launching a media campaign and multiple Hashtags on social media, including #Assad_besieges_Ghouta.