Ghouta: Assad artillery shells kill al-Jisr’s correspondent

Ahmad al-Shehabi 2017-10-29 10:57:00

Assad regime’s artillery shells targeted on Sunday (Oct 29) the town of Hamoriyya in Damascus eastern countryside (Eastern Ghouta), killing and injuring civilians and children.

Orient News’s correspondent, Hadi al-Munajed, reporting from Eastern Ghouta, said, the regime bombed a popular marketplace in the city of Hamoriyya, causing the deaths of five civilians, including the Jisr TV channel’s correspondent, Qais al-Qadi. 

The cameraman was also seriously injured by the same Assad artillery indiscriminate shells.

Meanwhile, the regime’s mortar bombs fell on a school in the city of Kafr Batna where 12 children were injured. 

The regime’s foreign Shia militias and the Assad Fourth Division have stepped up their attacks on Damascus eastern countryside.

The Eastern Ghouta is included in the de-escalation zone agreement reached in Astana by the three guarantor states (Russia, Turkey and Iran) last September.   

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