Assad mortar bombs preliminarily kill 7 civilians in Damascus’ Ghouta

Orient Net 2017-10-26 09:58:00

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Assad mortar bombs heavily fell today (Oct. 26) on towns and cities in Damascus eastern countryside, killing and injuring civilians and destroying houses in the besieged cities.

Orient News’s Mohammad Abdulrahman, reporting from Douma, said, "Assad mortar bombs fell on the towns of Douma and Saqeba in the Eastern Ghouta. Six civilians have been killed in Douma and two in Saqeba. The death toll could rise as there are many critical conditions among the injured".


Assad terrorists usually escalate their indiscriminate attacks on civilians after they fail in seeping in on opposition-held areas in the Eastern Ghouta, Jad, a local activist told Orient Net.

Assad regime has laid a siege on civilians in Damascus eastern countryside since the beginning of 2013. Many children have recently died due to the malnutrition and sharp shortages in food stuffs.