Syrians want to restore old days of Syrian revolution

2017-10-16 10:28:00

Hundreds of Syrians took to the street of Aleppo western countryside’s Anjara on Sunday (Oct.15) to reassure their peaceful demands of toppling Assad regime.

Orient News’s Abrahim al-Kateeb, met some of the participants who all had the same anti-Assad message. 

"We are making the day of Syrian rage in order to bring back the Syrian revolution to its old peaceful state. This is the Syrian people and this is the Syrian revolution. We will neither succumb nor surrender. We either topple Assad regime or die," one of the demonstrators told Orient News correspondent.  

This is a new chance that Syrians grasp to assure their demands of toppling Assad regime, Ibrahim al-Kateeb said.  

Reporter: Ibrahim al-Kateeb

Translation and reporter’s voice over: Ahmad al-Shehabi    

Speakers’ voice-over: Hisham Munawar, Askadali