Syrians take to streets to mark "day of rage"

Orient Net - Ahmad al-Shehabi 2017-10-14 08:53:00

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Hundreds of Syrians took today to the streets in Aleppo countryside to mark the Syrian’s day of rage, Orient News’s correspondent, reporting from Aleppo northern countryside said . 

Syrians of all ages raised - during the rallies - anti-Assad regime signs and chanted anti-Assad terrorists slogans, repeating: "Syrians want to topple Assad regime". 

Some children took part in an one-act-play, showing how Syrians were killed in cold blood by Assad terrorists after they claimed their freedom and demanded the toppling of Assad regime.    

"Day of rage is a reminder of how Syrians were slaughtered by Assad terrorists after they wanted to live like all democracies in the world," a Syrian activist told Orient Net, conditioning anonymity.