Eastern Ghouta residents burn tires to prevent Russia airstrikes

Eastern Ghouta residents burn tires to prevent Russia airstrikes
Residents in Damascus eastern countryside (eastern Ghouta) burned on Tuesday car tires in order to block vision of Assad’s and Russian invasion’s jet fighters which have been targeting residential areas there, killing and injuring dozens of civilians.

Residents of the towns and cities of Zamalka, Erbin, Ein Tarma, and Hazza are burning tires to block vision and disorient warplanes and prevent the targeting of residential areas in Damascus eastern Ghouta, Hadi al-Munahed Orient News correspondent said.


In the same context, medical sources told Orient Net that fighter jets of Assad regime and the Russian invasion targeted the towns and cities of Erbin, Ein Tarma, Zamalka, al-Mohammadiya, Harasta, and Jisrin, amid rocket and artillery shelling. This targeting led to the death of four people including a volunteer from the Syria Civil Defense.

The phenomenon of burning tires is now back in the liberated areas in eastern Ghouta as opposition fighters launched a recent assault on Assad terrorists in the eastern neighborhood s of Damascus.

The technique was first used in Aleppo and its western and southern countryside, where residents started to burn tires in order to disorient warplanes and block vision, as opposition fighters were then launching a battle to break Aleppo’s siege.

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