Six years into the revolution: Syrians’ passion for freedom still burning

Eva J. Koulouriotis 2017-03-21 10:11:00

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Six years have passed since the burst of the Syrian revolution. The killing of Syrians who revolted against the criminal dictatorial regime which brought all the mercenaries of the world to stop the determination of Syrians’ fight for freedom is still going on. The Syrian wound still tries to wash out the ugliness and hypocrisy of this world which is not only silent, but turned to a partner for brutal Assad who is no more than the tail of a dog in a game of international conflicts. The Syrians who turned into displaced, refugees, martyrs and disabled still stand shouting: "The people want to overthrow the regime" and "Oh God, we only have you with us."

Six years made Syria the least secure country in the world. The death toll exceeded 600,000, mostly civilians – including more than 23,000 children – killed by Assad and his allies, while the number of wounded is estimated at nearly 4 million. The number of disappeared, detainees and forcibly abducted exceeds 400,000. The estimated cost of country’s destruction rises to more than 400 billion USD and the government deficit is still unknown. All this is to keep Assad and his regime in power. The only moment that a Shabiha was speaking the truth was when he said: "Either Assad, or we will burn down the country." They burned it. They destroyed it. They killed and humiliated the Syrian people.

Six years have turned Syria from a state – though a dictatorial one − to an international conflict arena. Russia has more than seven military bases scattered between the Syrian coast and the center of the country. There are at least 5000 Russian soldiers wandering the streets of Syria. More than 100 Russian aircraft are daily murdering dozens of innocent civilians under the pretext of fighting terrorism, which is not different from their own terrorism. Russia, which entered Syria militarily to support the Assad regime in September 2015 has killed at least 5000 Syrian civilians as if it were in a race with time to annihilate the largest possible number of people to tell the world that its weapons are the best and the deadliest.

Six years have passed since Iran turned into the commanding power in the Syrian territory by deploying troops and officers all across. The jets of the US (the Great Satan in the Mullah regime’s terminology) pave the way for them and even back them in some cases. Iran hired Afghan, Pakistani, Lebanese and Iraqi mercenaries to fight Syrians in their own country without any deterrent. 

Six years and the West, represented by the EU and the US, has been not only a spectator but a supporter and collaborator with the criminal Assad regime. The US has established itself in northern Syria three military bases to manage the conflict. UK has a military base in the south-east of Syria, while European intelligence agencies and MPs are competing to communicate with the Assad regime under the pretext of fighting terrorism, although they know very well that Assad created it. Six years changed European politicians’ point of view that Assad is not a murderer but the protector of minorities, the very Assad who has destroyed at least 36 churches, killed hundreds of Christians and arrested young boys and girls from these minorities who ask for freedom and regime change.

Six years and the Syrian child who was no more than 12 years old when the revolution started witnessed the assassination of his father by the bullets of Assad security during demonstrations for freedom; his older brother was arrested because he supported the revolution on his account on Facebook; his sister was abducted during her return from her university at a check point by one of the foreign militias supporting Assad; his house was destroyed in a raid carried out by a Russian jet; his mother died of grief. Six years have turned this child to a strong young man who became more aware of what is happening around him, even though he stopped his education because Assad bombed his school. The determination of this young man is the soul of the revolution. Regardless of the agonies he might be going through, he will not stop until he reaches his dream of FREEDOM!


Eva J. Koulouriotis is a Greek political analyst specialized in Middle East. Twitter: @evacool_f, Facebook: @evakoulouriotis