Syrians renew commitment to their revolution

Orient Net - Yasser Ashkar 2017-03-20 12:45:00

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As Syrians enter the seventh year of their revolution for freedom and dignity, activists in more than thirty countries throughout the world launched a campaign entitled "A revolution of right brings us together" which included a number of celebrations and activities last week that served as a reminder of the first days of the Syrian uprising.

In the Turkish city of Istanbul, a group of activists organized an event that was held at the Bakirkoy Cultural Center where the ceremony included the recitation of poems and music by artists Yahya Hawwa, Haitham Halabi and Omran al-Boqaai.

Artist Mohammed Dayekh, general coordinator of the campaign, attended both of the events held in Turkey over the weekend: the first in Istanbul on Saturday with the participation of a large number of artists of the Syrian revolution, and the second in the city of Gaziantep on Sunday where he presented theatrical skits and music by artists Ahmad Shokri, Abdulnaser Hallaq and Tayseer Ghalion. 

Dayekh, who is from Aleppo, presented a new song on the occasion entitled "Ray of Hope”, and his optimism for a positive outcome for the revolution when he said "I hope to sing the same song in Syria soon."

Dayekh told Orient Net that he is also preparing for a large operetta based on the same idea about hope and says that despair has never been present in his dictionary.

Syrian artist Yahya Hawwa also shared a new song on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian revolution entitled "For God’s Sake, Love Each Other.”

"The lyrics of the song came to me after media reports of many disputes occurring among individuals of the opposition and is a call for love and brotherhood," said Hawwa. “God willing, the flame of the revolution will stay lit and it will continue… and with God’s will it will prevail.”

Syrian journalist Hend Bozo of Damascus attended the activity and said: “Today I am a free journalist but I was never under the orders of Assad authorities or a slave for a position or privilege.” 

“I was always above their instructions, orders and intentions,” said Bozo. “I brought with me my history of raising my head and the revolution flag. The Syrian Revolution has been a test for me and others.”

Dr. Moussa Abou Daher, General Coordinator of Syrian Revolution Coordination Istanbul (SRCI) clarified it was the anniversary of the birth of the revolution and not the anniversary of the revolution itself because it is not over yet.

“This birth has changed the world and the region in particular, even though its continuation until today is also a victory in itself,” he said.

Our presence today in this event as the SRCI is an assurance of continuity that revives the spirit with which we began this revolution and renews our commitment to our goals of achieving dignity, freedom and a democratic civil state for all Syrians.  

“From this theater in Bakirkoy, Istanbul, I call on all activists to cooperate with us,” said Daher during the event.

Dayekh told Orient Net that the idea for the slogan for this year’s anniversary of the birth of the revolution came to him two months ago while coordinating efforts with free Syrians outside, as well as inside Syria, especially those in the Aleppo countryside.

On Sunday March 19, the event was in the city of Gaziantep in south-central Turkey. Attendance by Syrians there was so great that Dayekh told Orient Net afterwards: "The theater was full to capacity and people were standing outside."

Dayekh added that he was extremely grateful to Mohammad Taljo, Hala Gayari and Mohammed al-Hamwi who had tirelessly helped him with slogans, designing brochures and all the aspects of the campaign.