Damascus: After making progress, opposition ‎fighters prepare phase II of offensive

Orient Net 2017-03-20 12:47:00

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Allied opposition fighting groups have said that Phase ‎II of their major offensive on Assad terrorists’ locations ‎and military zones inside Damascus is soon to start, Orient News correspondent says.  ‎

Al-Rahman Brigade, the main assaulting opposition ‎group, published a statement, which Orient Net received ‎a copy of, said: ‎

‎“After the multiple attempts by Assad, Russian and ‎Iranian terrorists to dismember the neighborhoods of ‎eastern Damascus and eastern Ghouta, whose ‎residents were displaced, and after receiving secret ‎disclosures that Assad terrorists and their allies were ‎preparing themselves to launch a major offensive on ‎civilians in al-Qaboon and Tishreen neighborhoods in ‎Damascus, al-Rahman Brigade’s members in ‎collaborating with other fighting opposition groups ‎launched on Sunday a major sudden offensive on the Assad regime’s locations and ‎succeeded in achieving the following:  ‎

‎1-‎ Completely destroying Assad military operation ‎room.‎

‎2-‎ Destroying two tanks, a BMP vehicle and two ‎guns of type 57 mm.    ‎

‎3-‎ Seizing large numbers of light and medium weapons ‎with large amounts of ammunition.‎

‎4-‎ Killing more than 75 Assad terrorists, including ‎three Assad officers and injuring hundreds of ‎their allies.‎

‎5-‎ Advancing towards the block of buildings which ‎overlooks the Panorama complex and cutting the ‎International way which leads to Damascus.‎

‎6-‎ ‎ Casting terror and disorder in hearts of Assad ‎terrorists, who imposed curfew in the ‎neighborhoods of Damascus.‎

After the offensive, Assad terrorists reacted by madly bombing on ‎residential areas in Douma, Saqeba, Hazza and ‎other neighboring areas, where tens of civilians ‎were killed or injured. ‎

On this occasion, we the opposition fighters tell the doomed-to-fall Assad ‎regime that we are marching forth to achieve our ‎victory. We also vow to continue many phases of ‎this operation to shake the land under Assad ‎terrorists." ‎

‎Mar. 20, 2017‎