Civilians killed by Assad bombing on Damascus countryside

Orient Net 2017-03-20 10:28:00

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At least three civilians were killed today (march 20) in Hazza and two civilians were also killed in the town of Hammoriyya after Assad terrorists conducted airstrikes on those towns located in Damascus eastern countryside, Orient News correspondent said and added that many tens of civilians were seriously injured in these indiscriminate attacks. 

"The number of Assad airstrikes on Damascus eastern countryside has exceeded 49," Orient Net learnt form local sources.  

On Sunday, at least 12 civilians were killed by Assad terrorists’ indiscriminate bombing on many towns and cities in Damascus eastern countryside.

"We have always said that Assad terrorists take revenge on civilians. While we are attacking their military zones, Assad pilots drop their barrel bombs and missiles on civilians. They aim in these attacks at stopping our offensive. But I assure you we will go ahead in our fighting against these sectarian criminals," Wael Allwan, the spokesperson of al-Rahman Brigade, told Orient Net. 


Most cities and towns in Damascus eastern countryside are besieged by Assad terrorists. No aid of any kind is given access. Sharp shortages in medical equipment are reported in Douma, Saqeba, Harasta, Hazza and in many other cities.