Assad regime rejects to receive de Mistura in ‎Damascus ‎

Orient Net 2017-03-20 06:50:00

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Assad regime rejected to receive the UN Syria Envoy Staffan de Mistura as his visit to ‎Damascus was scheduled on Sunday (March ‎‎19).  ‎

A diplomatic source which conditioned anonymity said that the UN envoy ‎asked to come to Damascus before holding the ‎fifth round of Geneva talks, but Assad regime ‎told the envoy’s office that it would not ‎receive him in Damascus as his visit was not ‎welcomed.‎

The spokeswoman of De Mistura Yara al-‎Sharif declined to comment on the ‎development saying: “We have no ‎comments”. ‎

Staffan de Mistura announced that intra-Syrian ‎talks in Geneva would be resumed on March ‎‎23.‎

In a statement on Tuesday, De Mistura’s press ‎service said that the UN Special Envoy invited ‎the participants in 4th round of Geneva talks to ‎return to the UN Office at Geneva to resume ‎talks among the Syrian parties on March 23.‎