1st batch of al-Waer’s displaced population reaches al-Bab

Orient Net 2017-03-19 05:19:00

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The first batch of the displaced population of Homs’ al-Waer neighborhood reached early on Sunday to the liberated northeastern city of al-Bab, Orient News correspondents said.

The 40-bus convoy, which left al-Waer neighborhood Saturday at noon, travelled from Homs heading north to reach its final destination in the town of Jarablus, on the Syria-Turkey border.

On Saturday, 40 buses with around 2000 Syrians on board left al-Waer. The whole process will be completed within the coming weeks as other batches will head to Homs northern countryside and Idlib, according to activists.

Homs, the country’s third-largest city, was once the center of the uprising against Bashar Assad.‎ Throughout Assad war, now at the end of its sixth year, wide parts of the city were held by opposition ‎but Assad terrorists reoccupied all areas except for al-Waer.