50 civilians killed in airstrikes on mosque west of Aleppo

Dozens of civilians were killed on Thursday and scores were injured after fighter jets, which are believed to be US-led coalition jets, hit a mosque which was full of worshipers in a town in Aleppo western countryside.

At least 50 civilians were killed in al-Jineh town and a hundred others were injured as the airstrikes hit the mosque at the evening prayer time, Orient News correspondent Ammar Jaber said.

The aerial attacks took place at around 06:30 pm local time (1630 GMT). Six thermobaric (vacuum bombs) were dropped on the area which leveled the three-storey mosque to the ground, he added.

Local sources told Orient Net that as many as 300 worshipers were at mosque at the time of the attack.

Civil defense volunteers rushed to the attack site and started rescuing the injured and removing the bodies from the scene.

For its part, the US said it conducted airstrikes in Syria against an "al-Qaeda meeting," but denied deliberately targeting the mosque. 

"We did not target a mosque, but the building that we did target —which was where the meeting took place — is about 50 feet (15 meters) from a mosque that is still standing," said Colonel John J. Thomas, spokesman for US Central Command.

Meanwhile, Assad and Russian warplanes targeted the towns and cities of al-Atareb, al-Sheikh Ali, Ma’rata, Kafr Karmin, Abin, and Babis in Aleppo western countryside, killing six civilians and injuring a number of others.

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