On eve of 6th Syrian anniversary of revolution, calls for justice rise

Orient Net 2017-03-15 06:26:00

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On the eve of the sixth anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution, and as the UN Human Rights Council was reviewing the situation in Syria, peace activists staged a stunt calling for justice and accountability.

On Tuesday (March 14), in a short demonstration, a dozen of activists lied on the ground under white sheets to depict dead bodies, on the Place des Nations facing the United Nations compound’s entrance in Geneva.

"One must know that up to today, no one has been judged for all these crimes. So I believe it is important to have the voices of the families of all these victims, who have not received justice, be heard," said Rami Chidda, a member of the human rights group Amnesty International.

The six-year Assad war killed some 320,000 people. About 4.9 millions became refugees, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees said in February.