Al-Waer population’s reps sign deal with Assad regime

Orient Net 2017-03-13 10:53:00

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The Russia-brokered deal between representatives of the population of al-Waer neighborhood in Homs and Assad regime was signed on Monday, following a weeks-long of vicious bombardment and shelling campaign on the neighborhood by Assad regime and allied militias.

Both sides signed the deal according to which opposition fighters and their families who choose not to accept living under Assad regime’s control, will be forcibly displaced and head to Idlib, or Jarablus in northern Syria, while those who choose to stay in al-Waer will have to accept settlement and Assad regime might take any procedures against them including detention or draft to compulsory military service, for males, Osama Abu Zeid, head of Homs Media Center said.

The guarantor for the deal was the Russian side who is trying to impose its influence and presence on the ground. However, there were no real guarantees given to al-Waer residents by the Russians or Assad regime, Abu Zeid also said.

Assad regime aims at displacing all the fighters of al-Waer neighborhood – along with their families – towards northern Syria to reoccupy the district, which is considered to be the last stronghold of the opposition in the city of Homs.