Assad terrorists massacre 14 civilians in Deir ez-Zoor

Orient Net 2017-03-13 10:13:00

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14 civilians were killed on Sunday and dozens of others were injured by Assad terrorists’ missiles launched on Deir ez-Zoor.

Activist-run Furat Post Facebook page said in a posting that Assad terrorists targeted Sunday evening residential areas in al-Hamidiyya neighborhood with surface-to-surface ’Fiel’ missiles and rockets launched from multiple rocket systems.

Among those who were killed, eight were from the same family, local sources told Orient Net. Also, dozens of injuries were reported, with many critical cases. The injured were hurried to medical points.

Rescue volunteers spent hours removing debris, recovering bodies, and transporting the injured to medical points. Work continued to late hours at night.

Last Thursday, US-led coalition jets perpetrated a massacre in al-Mayadin city, east of Deir ez-Zoor, killing 23 civilians after targeting al-Jaysh Street and the educational complex.