8 civilians killed in Aleppo’s Maskaneh by US-led coalition jets

Orient Net 2017-03-12 08:12:00

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The US-led coalition warplanes carried out, in the early hours of Sunday, airstrikes on Maskaneh town in Aleppo eastern countryside, killing and injuring a number of civilians, while the so-called Syria Democratic Force (SDF) militia prevented hundreds of fleeing civilians from crossing to liberated “Euphrates Shield” areas.

Al-Rihaniya neighborhood in Maskaneh town was targeted with aerial attacks by the US-led coalition jets which claimed the lives of eight civilians and injured dozens, while many children and women were trapped under the rubble, according to activists.

Medical sources in Maskaneh confirmed that there is a sharp shortage of medical items and equipment.

Fear of Detention

In the meantime, the PYD-affiliated militias prevented hundreds of fleeing civilians, who left Maskaneh, from entering the city of Raas al-Ein, stipulating naming a “sponsor” for each family to be allowed to pass, locals said.

Assad terrorists prevented the fleeing population of Maskaneh from crossing to the liberated areas, according to the local council of the town. Men were arrested and taken to Jibreen camp by Assad terrorists who also stole money and gold carried by women.

“The population of Maskaneh city is around 1500 people plus 50,000 displaced civilians from the neighboring al-Bab and other cities,” Ibrahim al-Mohammad, head of the local council said.

Al-Mohammad also said that Assad terrorists blocked the road linking Maskaneh city with the liberated areas which forced the fleeing civilians to head toward the ISIS-controlled Raqqa city and its suburbs.

He added that fear of detention by Assad terrorists or being the subject of massacres or summary executions, led the population to flee to ISIS-controlled areas. Al-Mohammad called for creating humanitarian corridors for fleeing civilians as they are left with nowhere to go.

Maskaneh city witnessed an exodus of civilians, estimated by the council with around 1000 families. They headed to the areas of Jarablus and al-Bab in Aleppo eastern countryside.

Maskaneh’s local council sent out on Saturday urgent calls for the UN, international organizations, and friendly states to provide safe humanitarian corridors for civilians after Assad terrorists blocked the road leading to Aleppo northern countryside.