Al-Ra’i: Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria divided Lebanon

Orient Net 2017-03-11 07:00:00

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Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Ra’i said that Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian war has divided and embarrassed the Lebanese between those supporting the terrorist group and others opposing it.

“Hezbollah has engaged in the war in Syria without taking into consideration the State’s dissociation policy. It has divided the Lebanese upon themselves, some supporting its step and others totally refusing it,” said al-Ra’i in an interview on Sky News Arabia on Friday.

The Patriarch pointed out: “When Hezbollah engaged in the Assad war, it did not do as such upon a State decision. It was a decision taken by Hezbollah itself and the Lebanese are divided about it today.

“The State has clearly announced its dissociation policy in the Baabda declaration,” he emphasized.

“I am a citizen and my fellow partner is a citizen, but I am unarmed and he is. This is abnormal,” he stressed.

The Patriarch lamented saying: “The Lebanese State has not made up its mind on the subject. Had Hizbullah been a militia outside the parliament things would have been different.”

Hezbollah has deployed thousands of militants to fight alongside Assad terrorists against Syrians. Thousands of Hezbollah terrorists  have been killed in Syria since the start of Assad war.

Adapted from naharnet.