Assad regime dropped 502 barrel bombs during February - Monitor

Orient Net 2017-03-07 09:02:00

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Assad regime has not stopped ha hrefing barrel bombs during February on civilians across liberated areas even though the Turkey-Russia brokered ceasefire has been in effect for two months.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), a non-profit monitor group, said that Assad regime ha hrefed at least 502 barrel bombs during the month of February.

The number one targeted province was Daraa, in the south, then comes Damascus countryside followed by Hama and Homs in central Syria, according to the monthly report issued by SNHR.

The report also said that 14 civilians, including five children and four women, were killed by these deadly barrel bombs. These bombs also damaged at least two civilian facilities, a mosque and a medical center.

SNHR said that Assad regime is unequivocally continues to destroy Syria and kill Syrian civilians by ha hrefing hundreds of barrel bombs on civilian-populated areas, opposite to what the late Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin had said that Assad regime had stopped using barrel bombs.

Assad regime violated UN resolution no. 2139 and used barrel bombs systematically and on a wide scale, SNHR report said.

A barrel bomb is an improvised explosive device. It is made from a barrel that has been filled with high explosives, along with shrapnel and/or oil. Containing large amounts of explosives, the detonation of a barrel bomb can be devastating and causes massive damage.