FSA fighters target SDF HQ east of al-Bab

The Free Syria Army (FSA) targeted on Sunday a military headquarters for the Kurdish militants-dominated so-called Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), east of the al-Bab city, killing and injuring a number of them.

FSA fighters targeted on Sunday a military headquarters for the separatist SDF militia in al-Boweihej town, east of Aleppo, with mortar shells, which killed nine of them, including a female filed commander, Hawar Kilis Operations Room (HKOR) said in a statement on Twitter.

Heavy clashes erupted on the fronts of Aleppo eastern countryside between FSA fighters and SDF militants.

This comes after the Kurdish-dominated SDF, through an affiliated military council called Manbij Military Council, had handed over the control of a number of villages, on the front lines with the Turkey-backed Euphrates Shield forces, to Assad regime after an agreement with the Russians. The villages are located on the western side of Manbij city.

Turkey-backed FSA fighters have recently wrested control over al-Bab after months-long fighting with ISIS terrorists.

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