Pilot of downed Assad jet, found, hospitalized in Turkey’s Hatay

Orient Net 2017-03-05 08:19:00

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A pilot of an Assad fighter jet, which crashed on Saturday on Turkish territories, was found after hours-long search.

Turkish media reported that the Assad pilot, whose warplane was downed near the Syrian-Turkish border, has been found in the province of Hatay after he had successfully ejected.

Turkish search teams found the pilot after an extensive search that lasted for nine hours, according to Turkish media. After being found, he was taken to a government-run hospital in Hatay province.

https://orient-news.net/news_images/17_3/1488705155.jpg'>(The Assad pilot when found by Turkish search teams. Source: social media)

https://orient-news.net/news_images/17_3/1488705169.jpg'>(The pilot in the state hospital in Hatay province - Source: social media)

There was no information about the medical condition of the pilot, but Anadolu agency said he was a Syrian national.

The MiG-21 warplane was downed by opposition’s Ahrar al-Sham fighters in northern Idlib countryside on Saturday after it conducted airstrikes on residential neighborhoods of Maaret Misreen city in Idlib.