Assad jets hit Homs’ al-Waer, 2 civilians killed

Assad fighter jets continued bombardment of the besieged al-Waer neighborhood in Homs.

Assad and Russian jets alternatively bombed al-Waer with at least 12 airstrikes. Thermobaric and parachute-born bombs were used. The bombardment killed two civilians and wounded 30 others,  Orient News correspondent reported.The airstrikes caused huge damage to civilians’ homes, he added.

In a similar context, an agreement to hold a meeting to discuss possible ways to stop bombardment on al-Waer has been reached between a committee from al-Waer neighborhood and a Russian delegation, Osama Abu Zeid, head of Homs Media Center told Orient Net.

The military escalation on al-Waer comes as a part of the pressures put by Assad regime on residents of the neighborhood to force them to flee. Residents of the al-Waer suffer dire living conditions as food stuffs, medical supplies and fuels are scarce because of the siege laid by Assad regime.

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