New round of Astana Syria talks to be held on March. 14

Orient Net 2017-03-02 14:34:00

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The Kazakh will host a new round of talks on ‎Syria on the 14th of March, according a Russian ‎diplomatic source said late on Wednesday.‎

Representatives of the Syrian opposition, ‎Russia, Turkey and Iran will meet in Astana on ‎the 14th of March, the source said without ‎mentioning Assad regime.‎

On his side , the Iranian ambassador in in ‎Kazakhstan excluded any meeting about Syria ‎in Astana before the 21 of March. ‎

The last round of Astana talks on Syria were ‎concluded on Jan. 25, 2017 without issuing a ‎final communique, as was expected. ‎Delegations only made remarks through press ‎briefings.‎

During the last round of talks, it was agreed on ‎setting up a joint Russian, Turkish, Iranian ‎committee to monitor the ceasefire.‎

Geneva talks has barely reached first gear, ‎with 6 days of discussion solely without any ‎breakthrough.‎