Syria’s Holocaust portrayed as a daily routine

Dr. Yahya Al-Aridi 2017-02-28 17:55:00

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The Syrian tragedy is turning into something boring and routine as its best. When a regime kills its supposedly own people, no surprises or shocks are expected. Syria’s news are turning into something familiar. And usually the familiar becomes habitual. When the Assad regime used chemical weapons, the world powers satisfied themselves by depriving it of its arsenal but not penalizing the perpetrator of the crime. That encouraged the regime; so lately again it used chlorine, and no one reacted. 

For the audience, news about Syria have started to be repetitive. Today is like yesterday, and tomorrow will be the same. This has turned into a dangerous phenomenon with a horrible impact on an already tragic Syrian situation. 

No device, method or tactic has not been used to assassinate the Syrian cause and hide the crimes being perpetrated against Syria and its people.  

Hitlerism has been surpassed with the Assad regime still alive and very functional. What is shocking is that somebody out there wants to turn such crimes into a routine and boring event with the purpose of recycling the perpetrator or rehabilitating it. 

Chemical weapons were used, and the crime seems to have been being registered against and anonymous perpetrator. Recently, parts of Aleppo were bombarded by chemical weapons and the crime passed like a routine event as if it were a car accident resulting from a car brakes failure. 

Syrians are besieged, displaced and starved to death if they don’t surrender to the dictator’s will and that is received by the audience as a rain storm. 

Over the past six years, arrests of Syrians happen every day, and they are reported as trips of hunting birds to be slaughtered in Assad jails. Such events are documented and put on shelves to be later eaten by dust. 

In the negotiations of what is called a “political solution for Syria”, the story started over four years ago. And every round of talks erases what came before it, and things seem to start all over again. This cunning game started by B. Assad’s foreign minister with a statement saying that the other side would be drowned with details and had ended with Jaafari’s reaction to the latest paper given to him by de Mistura that he would respond to that in few days. This is indicative of non-seriousness and at its best procrastination. 

Assad and his supporters never stop talking about a political solution, but they never stopped either the process of killing. Such a statement has become routine, boring and hateful. Every time there are talks the level of blood-shed goes up. 

The people who participate in the so-called “peace talks” are being turned into witnesses to the continuation of the regime’s atrocities. In such junctures those who are called “Syria’s Friends” play the role of encouraging the participants to get the Assad regime engaged in the talks without being aware that the regime’s strategy of “the Assad rules it or it would be ruined” in the one continuously in effect. 

Everyone seems to be involved in turning the Syrian tragedy into a routine matter with the main goal being recycling or rehabilitating the regime. Those who are backing the regime, namely Iran and Russia insist on such a policy even if it costs them committing crimes against humanity in Syria. They simply know that their crimes can be hidden with the crimes perpetrated by the regime. All that is waiting for a real world awakening!