Opposition repels offensive by Assad terrorists in ‎Ghouta

Orient Net 2017-02-28 17:46:00

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Opposition groups succeeded today in repelling a new attempt by ‎Assad terrorists and Iranian militias to occupy areas in Damascus eastern ‎Goutha.‎

The media office of Jaysh al-Islam assured killing many of Assad ‎terrorists during confronting withnAssad terrorists who were trying to ‎infiltrate into Hazrma and al-Marj in the eastern Ghouta, Orient News correspondent said. ‎

The main opposition group also reported destroying a tank of type (T72) during ‎repelling the Assad terrorists attempts of storming Hazrma and killing its crew.‎

Also, Ahrar al-Sham, an opposition group, assured killing and ‎injuring dozens of Assad terrorists in the fierce clashes to repel similar attempts of progress on Hazerma front.‎

Assad terrorists escalate discriminate attacks 

On the other hand, Assad terrorists escalated targeting ‎residential areas in eastern Ghouta. Orient News correspondent ‎said that the only makeshift hospital in Marj was rendered out ‎of service after targeting it with raids by Russian warplanes.‎

For more than three months now, Assad terrorists and their Iranian militias ‎have been trying to storm the eastern Ghouta and control ‎opposition-held areas in Douma through repeated quick ‎offensives led to the occupation of many cities and towns in the area.  ‎