4 civilians killed, 20 injured in Assad airstrikes on al-Waer

2017-02-27 08:50:00

Four civilians were killed on Sunday and at least 20 others were injured in Assad shelling on al-Waer neighborhood.

A total of 26 air raids targeted the besieged neighborhood, Orient News correspondent Saifullah al-Ahmad said. Assad regime’s Su 22, Mig 23 and L-39 carried out the strikes. Su and Mig warplanes took off from al-Shueirat military airport in Homs, while L-49 took off from Hama military airport, he added.

In addition to losses in lives and many injuries among civilians, the aerial attacks caused massive damage to residential buildings and the infrastructure in the neighborhood.

Assad terrorists have been escalating land and aerial attacks on al-Waer for more than two weeks. Sunday marked the 18th day of the intensive shelling campaign.

Assad regime dismisses security official

Following the deadly blasts in Homs which killed the head of Assad regime’s military security branch in the city, the regime has dismissed Major General Barakat Barakat Head of the Security Committee, from his position and appointed Major General Muhammad Khaddour as his replacement.

Maj. Gen. Barakat was appointed mid-June last year after deadly attacks hit pro-Assad neighborhoods in Homs.

Maj. Gen. Khaddour was the head of the security committee in Aleppo and recently has been the head of same committee in the eastern region, which includes Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zoor. Two weeks ago, he was transferred to Homs and appointed as the deputy head of the security committee.

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