Civilians suffer suffocation after Assad chlorine attack on Harasta

Orient Net 2017-02-27 05:31:00

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Assad warplanes targeted Sunday evening the city of Harasta in Damascus countryside with chlorine, leading to many suffocation cases among civilians.

Assad warplanes fired two guided missiles, with chlorine-laden heads, on residential areas in Harasta, which caused suffocation to dozens of civilians including six children and five women, Orient News correspondent Mohamed Abdulrahman said, adding that some rescue volunteers also suffered suffocation when they were trying to rescue suffocated civilians.

“At 07:15 pm (17:15 GMT) residential areas in Harasta were hit an airstrike by Assad warplanes. They fired two guided missiles with chlorine-laden heads on residential areas, which led to dozens of suffocation cases among civilians,” he said.

Also, Assad warplanes targeted the western neighborhoods of Harasta and Tishreen neighborhood, east of Damascus, with incendiary napalm bombs, according to our correspondent.

Assad terrorists have recently escalated their attacks on the liberated eastern neighborhoods of Damascus and on Damascus eastern countryside, raining residential areas with dozens of surface-to-surface missiles as well as mortar and tank shells, with airstrikes hitting civilians almost round the clock.