Foreign militias attempt to infiltrate Barzeh Orchards ‎

Orient Net 2017-02-26 14:03:00

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Foreign militias started an offensive today (Sunday) to penetrate the ‎Basatin Orchards near Barzah ‎neighborhood, east the capital, ‎Damascus, supported by air ‎and ground bombardment. This came ‎after negotiations between representatives from the area and ‎Assad’s ‎regime failed a few ‎days ago. ‎

A group of Assad terrorists tried to infiltrate the Barzeh ‎Orchards, ‎where the opposition fighters succeeded in repelling ‎the fierce attack ‎killing 7 terrorists and destroying their tank, amid ‎heavy artillery ‎and missile bombardment on the ‎neighborhoods of Qaboun, Tishreen ‎and Barzeh to the west ‎of Harasta in Damascus eastern countryside, ‎Orient News reporter said.‎

Sources in the Assad regime confirmed that the its terrorists were ‎preparing a ‎major military campaign against the area supported by ‎tanks ‎and armored vehicles in addition to Hezbollah ‎terrorists. After ‎the failure of the recent negotiations, in ‎which the regime was ‎attempting to impose its own ‎conditions and force the opposition ‎factions to surrender ‎the area, Orient News correspondent added.  ‎

During the last few days, Iran militias have escalated ‎bombardment ‎on Damascus eastern neighborhoods. The Local ‎Council of ‎Tishreen neighborhood, east Damascus, declared ‎the ‎neighborhood an afflicted area due to the ‎systematic ‎bombardment campaign on the area.  ‎

Hayat hospital, in the nearby Qaboun ‎neighborhood was rendered ‎out of service after it was targeted by ‎Assad terrorists with a FEEL ‎surface-to-surface missile.  ‎

Most civilians in the neighborhoods of Qaboun, Tishteen, ‎Barzah ‎Orchards and west Harasta had fled from homes to eastern ‎Ghouta ‎and Barzeh. ‎