Assad deadliest airstrikes hit Homs’ al-Waer

Orient Net 2017-02-26 10:30:00

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Assad terrorists multiplied on Sunday their airstrikes on the Assad-besieged neighborhood of al-Waer in Homs. This escalation came after a deadly day left tens of civilians killed or injured. 

"Assad airstrikes have increased in numbers and in intensity. One of the Assad warplanes fired 5 missiles in one airstrike. People do not know where to go. Panic is dominating the scene," Orient News correspondent said.   

"Assad SU warplane struck the third airstrike on al-Waer within ten minutes. Three civilians have been killed till the moment of reporting. All neighborhoods are targeted. We can not say that Assad terrorists exclude any of the areas," Judy Arash from Orient News office in al-Waer said. 

On Saturday Assad warplanes targeted the civilian-populated al-Waer neighborhood. Field sources told Orient Net that three Assad warplanes targeted al-Waer neighborhood, carrying out at least 40 airstrikes and dropping at least 55 vacuum bombs. Hundreds of artillery and mortar shells also hit residential areas in the neighborhood.

Also, medical cadres in the area issued a statement urging an end to the Assad shelling as they are unable to provide treatment because of the large number of injuries and lack of emergency and surgical medicine.

In addition, one of the ambulances of the Syria Civil Defense team was rendered out of service, after an Assad airstrike targeted the medical vehicle. 

"Assad terrorists are attempting to exploit the attacks on their security centers yesterday to escalate their brutal attacks on civilians in al-Waer. The escalation campaign is not a new policy. It started 17 days now. People of al-Waer appeal to Syrians for help, hoping to stir their conscience. They only want to be protected from this brutal barbaric Assad regime," one of the activists in al-Waer said, launching a hashtag campaign on social media pages, and asking Syrians all over the the world to interact with: (#AlWaerAnnihilated).