Damascus: Tishreen district disaster-stricken - Local council

Orient Net 2017-02-25 10:48:00

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Assad terrorist and the allied foreign militias have escalated their indiscriminate bombardment on the eastern neighborhoods, which led to deteriorating living conditions and dire humanitarian situation.

The Local Council of Tishreen neighborhood in Damascus declared on Friday the neighborhood a disaster-stricken neighborhood as a result of the systematic bombardment campaign by Assad terrorists.

In a statement, the council said that “Assad terrorist backed by Iranian militias and Russian forces” have started the bombardment campaign on the neighborhood, targeting it with many surface-to-surface missiles and dozens of mortar shells on daily basis.

The council added that the bombardment campaign aims at “changing the demographics of the area and forcefully displacing the population,” confirming the death and injury of dozens of civilians and massive damage to the neighborhood’s infrastructure.

The statement explained that Tishreen neighborhood is home to more than 35 thousand people, most of whom are displaced civilians who fled eastern Ghouta.

In a similar context, al-Hayat Surgical Hospital in al-Qaboon neighborhood was rendered out of service after being targeted by Assad terrorists’ surface-to-surface (Fiel) missiles.

Rescue volunteers were also targeted by Assad terrorists while they were trying to rescue the injured, which led to wounding one of the volunteers.

In Jobar neighborhood residential areas were indiscriminately targeted by Assad terrorists with surface-to-surface missiles and mortar shells, killing two civilians and wounding four others.

The escalation in attacks on the eastern neighborhoods of Damascus comes in the context of the policy, followed by Assad regime to change the demographics of the area, and as a complementary part of Iran’s policy to change the demographic structure in Syria.