Syrians in Douma protest in support of Damascus’ al-Qaboon

Orient Net 2017-02-24 18:17:00

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Civilians in the city of Douma in Damascus eastern countryside took on Friday to the streets to send out a message of support to their fellow Syrians in the neighborhood of al-Qaboon, which was severely attacked by Assad terrorists in the last days, Orient News correspondent said.

Syrians also wanted to tell the Geneva delegation not to turn their backs on the demands ‎of the Syrian ‎people.‎ 

‎"We send out our message to our people in al-Qaboon, Barzeh in Damascus eastern countryside and to all Syrians in the liberated and non-‎liberated areas. We express solidarity with them," one of the demonstrators said.

‎"We tell the opposition to watch out. And if any decision was ‎imposed on them by regional ‎powers, they had to remember that they represent the ‎Syrian people, not the regional powers. We tell them to represent the ‎people, whose sacrifices actually created them," another said. ‎