Assad warplanes drop incendiary napalm on Damascus’ Harasta

Orient Net 2017-02-23 16:57:00

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Assad warplanes targeted Thursday evening Harasta city in Damascus eastern countryside with incendiary napalm bombs.

Residential areas in Harasta were targeted with four airstrikes, which used the internationally-prohibited incendiary napalm bombs, Orient News correspondent Mohamed Abdulrahman said.

Orient Net obtained photos that showed fire breaking out in civilians’ homes and properties as result of the targeting, while there were no reports of any casualties.'>'>'>

(Photos showing naplam incendiary bombs dropped by Assad warplanes burn civilians’ properties in Harasta. Feb 23, 2017 - Orient photos)

In a similar context, Assad fighter jets carried out five airstrikes on Saqba city in Damascus eastern countryside, according to activists. Assad artillery shells also pounded the city causing damage to civilians’ properties.

Video footage published on social media showed Assad warplanes in the sky of Saqba. Smoke and dust column rising from residential areas were also seen in the footage after the hit.