Eight Assad chlorine missiles hit areas near Douma

Orient Net 2017-02-21 13:11:00

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Assad terrorists shelled today with chlorine ‎many residential areas in Damascus eastern ‎countryside.‎ The indiscriminate attacks caused mass destruction and cast a state of panic among civilians.

The Assad terrorists and the allied sectarian ‎mercenaries, positioned in the Marj ‎airbase, shelled at least eight missiles stuffed ‎with chlorine on residential areas in Hoosh al-‎Dawahreh near Douma, according to media ‎office of Jaysh al-Islam.    ‎

It is worth reminding that the Assad regime and the allied sectarian mercenaries have been trying for three months to occupy opposition-controlled areas on the outskirts of Douma. They succeeded in occupying al-Qasemiyya, al-Meyda’ani and al-Bahariyya despite the ceasefire announced last December.